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SSA J/70 Fleet  
The J/70 Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats' first ramp-launchable keelboat - designed to fulfill the growing need for an easy-to-own, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail, stable enough sailboat for the family, and built to last.  

The J/70 has a sail area of 226 square feet and a displacement of 1,750 pounds (630 pounds of ballast).This gives the J/70 a sail area to displacement ratio of 25.

Since its introduction in March 2012, the J/70 has quickly established itself worldwide with 125+ boats sailing in 15+ countries in 2012, and 350+ boats to be sailing in 2013.  So, far over a dozen fleets have developed in the USA and over a half-dozen countries in Europe are forming one-design fleets.  In addition, fleets are developing in South America and the Pacific Rim.  In 2014, the     J/70 was awarded International Sailing Federation (ISAF) status.

The J/70 become an official SSA Club Fleet in 2014 and participates in at least three SSA regattas per year.  Annapolis was the first location to form a J/70 Fleet and is one of the largest and most active J/70 Fleets.  This means there are many opportunities to race and have fun on the J/70 in the Annapolis/Chesapeake area. 

Contact the fleet captain for more information about the SSA J/70 Fleet.

J/70 Approved as SSA Sanctioned Fleet
The SSA Board of Governors recently approved the J/70 Class as a sanctioned fleet.  

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