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SSA Laser Fleet 10  

   Laser Fleet 10 originated at Severn Sailing Association in 1972.  That same year the inaugural Sunshine Open and Crab Claw  regattas were held.  Bob McKay won the first CBYRA high point trophy for Lasers in 1974, Jim Hahn placed 10th in the Worlds, and Fleet 10 staged a 24 hour Laser Marathon on Spa Creek during the U.S. Sailboat Show.  By 1976, the fleet's growth necessitated the construction of a 45 boat storage rack.  In 1977, Monty Spindler finished 6th in the Worlds and the Crab Claw was dealt a temporary setback by being renamed the Halloween Howler.  

   The 1980's were highlighted by the leadership of Fleet Captain Mike Waters.  In 1983, '85, and '89 SSA hosted the Atlantic Coast Championships.  By 1985 there were over 120,000 Lasers worldwide.  Diane Burton won the U.S. Women's Single-handed Championship in 1987.  Mike Waters was busy winning the Atlantic Coasts twice, placing top 4 at the U.S. Championships two times, and taking a trip to Melbourne, Australia for the 9th edition of the Laser Worlds.   A new boat cost approximately $2,000 in 1989.

   Delrie Hobbs carried the Fleet Captain torch for much of the early 1990's.  SSA hosted the Atlantic Coast Championships in 1993.  Jim Brady, still hot from his success at the 1992 Olympic Games, won the Gold fleet.  His future wife, Julie Troutman,  was tops in the Silver Fleet.  In 1995 SSA opened its doors for the U.S. Championships, subsequently won by Mark Mendelblatt.   Henry Filter was busy tearing it up on the Laser circuit, making several trips to the Worlds.  James Jacob won the 1997 Masters North Americans.  In 1998 SSA once again held the Atlantic Coasts.  Bob Tan was the top SSA member finishing 8th overall.  

   As we enter the year 2012, SSA's Fleet 10 is still THE place for Laser sailing on the Chesapeake. on the Chesapeake.  The District 11 Champs were held in 2000 at SSA with 60 boats attending and will be held again this year in September.  In addition, we hosted the 2001 Masters Atlantic Coast Championship.  79 boats entered that event making it the largest Masters event in North America in 2001.   There are over 70 boats stored on the club grounds, with an astounding 80+ SSA  members linked to Fleet 10.  The Sunshine Open and Crab Claw are still the biggest drawing - best regattas on the bay!  A highly informal Tuesday Evening racing series is conducted from May through August and our Frostbite series runs Sunday afternoons from late November to early April.  

   Come down and join us or drop our Fleet Captains, Steve Cofer (Full Rigs) or Dorian Haldeman (Radials), a note if you have any further questions.

2015 Fleet Championship Rules  

In accordance with the SSA Policies and Procedures regarding the Laser and Laser Radial Fleet Champion scoring these are the parameters and methodology that will be used for the 2015 season. 

In 2014 the Fleet Champions were determined using the High Point Percentage Scoring System.   This helps to take some of the subjectivity out of the calculation since the weighting is based on the number of sailors at the event.  SSA hosts five Laser regattas during the season and two Frostbite Series.  These series are all scored using the Low Point System (LPS).  To have been considered for Fleet Champion in 2014, a sailor must have sailed in at least five of the seven scheduled club events.  The five highest scored regattas for each sailor were used.

We will use the same scoring system for the 2015 season with the following changes.

  • Competitors must sail in at least four of the seven scheduled events to be considered for Fleet Champion.
  • Competitors must sail in at least one SSA Club Series event and one Invitational event, either the Sunshine Open (SO) or the Crab Claw (CC), to be considered for Fleet Champion.
  • Competitors will only receive a score for a Frostbite Series if they sail in at least half of the races in that series.  Race Committee duty is considered a race day for qualification purposes.




The series will consist of the following races: FB1, FB2, SO, CC, Spring, Summer and Fall Series. To qualify for inclusion in the final series results a boat shall compete in (i.e., come to the starting area for) at least 50 percent of the races completed.1

1 Note: The intent is for sailors to compete in at least four of the seven scheduled races in order to be scored for the 2015 series.



Define 'N' to be the number of boats that compete in a particular race. Each boat finishing that race and not thereafter retiring or being disqualified will be scored as follows:


Finishing place                      Score

First                                         N

Second                                   N-1

Third                                       N-2

Fourth                                     N-3

Each place thereafter           Subtract 1 point


All other boats that compete in that race, including any that finish and thereafter retire or are disqualified, will score 0 points. Boats that do not compete in that race (DNC) will not be scored.



The series score for each boat will be a percentage calculated as follows: divide the sum of her race scores by the sum of the points she would have scored if she had placed first in every race in which she competed; multiply the result by 100.2 The qualified boat with the highest series score is the winner, and others are ranked accordingly.

2 Note: When one or more race scores are to be excluded, add: 'Exclude her ___ worst score(s). An excluded race counts as a race to qualify a boat for a series score, but not as one of her scored races.'



Race ties will be handled using rule A7. Series ties will be broken using rule A8.1.

Rules A1, A3, A5, A6, A10 and A11 also apply.

For the 2015 season all qualifying regattas will be scored using the LPS.  The sailor’s score in each regatta will be converted to a High Point Score.  These scores will then be used to determine the Fleet Champion by adding up the scores for the best four events, dividing that number by the total of boats racing in those four events and multiplying the result by 100.  The sailor with the highest percentage will be the Fleet Champion.

Laser and Laser Radial Racing Schedule  

  Regatta Date(s) Details Classes Docs Results Registrations Register Update
Opening Day Handicap Race April 13 Classes Docs Results Registrations
Sunshine Open (Laser, Laser Radial) April 26-27 Classes Docs Results Registrations[34]
TESOD Week 1:May 06
Week 2:May 13
Week 3:May 20
Week 4:May 27
Week 5:June 03
Week 6:June 10
Week 7:June 17
Week 8:June 24
Week 9:July 01
Week 10:July 08
Week 11:July 15
Week 12:July 22
Week 13:July 29
Week 14:August 05
Week 15:August 12
Week 16:August 19
Week 17:August 26
Week 18:September 02
Week 19:September 09
Classes Results Registrations[28]
Laser Spring Series (Full Rig and Radial) (6/7,6/8) June 07-08 Classes Docs Results Registrations[15]
Sandy MacVickar Regatta July 02 Classes Docs Results Registrations[26]
Laser Summer Series (Full Rig and Radial) (7/12,7/20)** Day 1:July 12
Day 2:July 20
Classes Docs Results Registrations[6]
Club Open race Event July 19 Classes Docs Results Registrations
Laser Fall Series (Full Rig and Radial) (9/20-9/21) September 20-21 Classes Docs Results Registrations[4]
Laser Crab Claw September 27-28 Details Classes Docs Results Registrations[22]
2014-2015 Laser Frostbite Series 1 Day 1:November 16
Day 2:November 23
Day 3:November 30
Day 4:December 07
Day 5:December 14
Day 6:December 21
Day 7:January 04
Day 8:January 11
Details Classes Docs Results Registrations[61]
Test JCG (Do Not Enter) December 17-18 Details Classes Docs Results Registrations

Frostbite racing for Laser and V15 Classes  

The 2013/2014 Frostbite Racing will be divided into two series, November 17, 2013 through January 12, 2014, and January 19, 2014 through March 16, 2014. Series 1 consists of eight (8) race days. Series 2 also consists of eight (8) race days beginning on January 19.
Competitors must use the same sail number throughout both series.

Sails without numbers are not permitted.

DATES: The series will take place on the following Sundays:
Series 1 - Nov 17, Nov 24, Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15, Dec 22, Jan 5, Jan 12.
Series 2 - Jan 19, Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23, March 2, March 9, and March 16.

Every participant in the 2013/2014 frostbite series is responsible for serving at least 2 days on the race committee (one during each series).

There are 5 slots available for each day, Signal Boat 1, Signal Boat 2, Signal Boat 3, Safety Boat 1 and Safety Boat 2. Only SSA members are eligible to sign up for Signal Boat 1 and Safety Boat 1 slots. Any registered user can sign up for the other three slots. The Signal Boat 3 Slot may be reassigned to the safety boat at the discretion of the PRO, so whoever igns up for this slot should bring a dry suit and be prepared to go in the water.

To sign up for a particular day, Log in to this site, then click on the "Frostbite RC" tab. Click on the "Sign Up" link next to the day on which you want to sign up. Then click "Sign Up" next to the slot for which you want to sign up.

If you are a member of SSA and are having trouble signing up for one of the members-only slots, send an e-mail to the SSA office and we will make sure the system recognizes you as a member.

November 17-March 16
Registration closes on 3/16/2014.
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Regatta Results

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