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SSA Jet14 Fleet  

outline of Jet 14

Combine the hull of a world champion International 14, with the manageable rig of a Snipe -- and you get:

  • planing hull and highly efficient sail plan.
  • controlled sailing in all wind conditions.
  • spinnaker for superb downwind runs.
  • compatible for Juniors and couples.
  • well-balanced and sleek lines.
  • easy trailering.

AND the Jet-14 Class Association offers you:

  • 30 yearly, open regattas.
  • Senior, Junior, and Women's National Championships.
  • Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West fleets.
  • JetBlasts newsletter and JetStream website.
  • Camaraderie & competition for nearly 50 years.
  • Leads to inexpensive used boats

Jet 14 under sail SSA is the home of Jet -14 fleet 61. Our fleet consists of many husband- wife , parent- child teams sailing some wood boats 40 years old to some new glass boats 2 years old.

In addition to our regular racing schedule, many teams participate in the popular Tuesday Evening Series for One Designs, run by SSA.

The SSA Jet-14 Fleet is the only two person dinghy that races year round with the ever popular "Jet Frost" Series that runs from closing day (November 13 ) till Opening day (March 28) We typically race every other Saturday through the winter and usually have the harbor and Severn river to ourselves with Chili and beverages around a fire at the club after racing.

The Jet fleet at SSA accommodates people with a remarkably wide range of talent and experience, from former collegiate racers, to big boat sailors looking for "that sports car thrill - in something you don't have to be an Olympic athlete to handle."

"Jets are easy to sail, so we're attracting some brand new racers. But they're responsive enough to keep experienced sailors interested. The spinnaker really adds a dimension - it can make things very interesting in a boat this size,"

Younger sailors who raced Lasers, 420s and Flying Juniors in high school or college "will find the boat handling techniques they learned in school work very well in Jets. But they'll find some tough competition from the 'old salts' among Jet racers, because these boats can be quite tactical."

The Jet 14 hull is a direct copy of a world champion International 14,- "Alarm" designed by Uffa Fox and uses the more manageable rig of a Snipe. A new, state of the art Jet costs about $9,500, but competitive, used boats are available for less than half that amount.

The Jet Class strictly maintains the one design integrity of elements like hull and rig, blades and sails. But control systems can be customized, "so boats can be set up simply, or to allow plenty of tweaking for those who like that."

SSA's Jet Fleet 61 members include Brent Barbehenn (10 time national champion in the Jet) and multiple national champions in the Thistle class.

For more information about the Jet 14 Fleet, email: SSA Jet 14 Fleet

Jet 14 Racing Schedule  

  Regatta Date(s) Details Docs Results Register Update
TESOD Week 1:May 06
Week 2:May 13
Week 3:May 20
Week 4:May 27
Week 5:June 03
Week 6:June 10
Week 7:June 17
Week 8:June 24
Week 9:July 01
Week 10:July 08
Week 11:July 15
Week 12:July 22
Week 13:July 29
Week 14:August 05
Week 15:August 12
Week 16:August 19
Week 17:August 26
Week 18:September 02
Week 19:September 09
Jet 14 Spring Series (5/17,5/18)* May 17-18 Docs Results
Jet 14 Konigsberg Memorial Invitational June 14-15 Docs Results
Jet 14 Summer Series (7/13, 8/3)** Day 1:July 13
Day 2:August 03
Docs Results

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