Lightning sailors round the upwind mark. Severn Sailing Association
SSA Interclub Fleet  

Sailors from classes throughout the bay have been discovering that the IC presents the most "bang for the buck" in frostbite sailing. The InterClub is a cat rigged 2 person dinghy that is a popular frostbiting boat in the northeast. For prices ranging from $500-2000, you can compete against some of the top sailors from classes like the 505, Snipe, Day Sailor, Jet 14, Lightning, J-24, and Albacore. We even have some PHRF sailors now learning the pure and simple fun of one-design racing. Many boats sail with husband/wife and parent/child teams. We currently have over 20 local boats, and will average 15 boats on the starting line.

Frostbiting an InterClub is a funny sport. People often ask "why should I get into a small dinghy in the winter when I can sail a PHRF boat or sit home and watch football". Then they try it and find out that IC sailing is a blast! The boats are fun to sail, tack and jibe on a dime, and require real skill to drive. Crews soon discover the importance of team work and instinctive reaction. Make no mistake - one season in an IC will heighten your sailing senses and you'll return to your "regular" class as a better sailor.

We usually sail for two hours and return to the club for bagels and some hot food and drink. Its not uncommon to have 8 or 10 races per day. The Annapolis fleet is also the host for the IC Midwinters which draws top talent from IC fleets throughout the northeast. The collegiate format of this regatta (2 teams per boat) allows interested IC sailors to give it a try. The IC Nationals attracts 70-80 boats and top name sailors.

We welcome all sailors to discover the thrill of close-quarters, tactical frostbiting in the InterClub. It doesn't matter whether your young or old, a national champion or a beginner - IC sailing may be for you.

Interclub 2012 Racing Schedule  

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IC Midwinters January 25-26 Docs Results


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